Kids' RehabGYM is a separate, fully-staffed pediatric facility designed to accommodate children of all ages.


Specifically designed for children with special health needs and those in physical rehabilitation.


Children can build gross motor skills as they challenge themselves on our kids-sized climbing wall.


Our treatment rooms allow for one-way observation so parents and caregivers can be involved in therapy without distracting.


Kids can use treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes built for their size! We also have a variety of toys to stimulate and rehabilitate children.

About Kids' RehabGYM

Our introduction to the community
We are passionate about supporting children with special needs and their families.

It is our goal to provide a nurturing and welcoming community environment where children and their families feel at home. We feel that by fostering this community & family relationship, it will enable the children to grow and flourish. We currently provide services to children from 0-22 years of age. The mission of Kids' RehabGYM is to educate families in the importance of motor development and how to achieve developmental milestones and to assist children in gaining their highest level of independence.

We offer a community environment with a large open gym space as well as individual treatment rooms and a multi-level pool. Our vision is to work with other healthcare providers and offer families another type of therapeutic setting designed to optimize the growth and development of their children, especially when parents feel a home setting is restricting their child’s development. Our gym space includes multiple pieces of equipment specialized to fit children, a child’s size climbing wall, various swings, and room to explore. We also promote community involvement through various events that are open to the public.


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Physical Therapist
Cathy specializes in serial casting for children with increased muscle tone following Botox injections, who are idiopathic toe walkers, post-surgery for club foot deformities, and other foot anomalies.
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Physical Therapist
Andrea has clinical experience with inpatient neurological rehab as well as outpatient adult and pediatrics. She completed a pediatric clinical affiliation working in both home and school based pediatric physical therapy.
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Occupational Therapist
Melanie is passionate about working with children living and experiencing life with a disability. Melanie’s clinical experiences have established a strong knowledge-base for a variety of pediatric diagnoses and OT treatment approaches.

Membership Pricing

Kids’ RehabGYM is offering memberships to children and their caregivers who we feel would benefit from extra time to practice activities independently of their therapist by using the space/equipment at the gym. This is an opportunity for you to be active with your child in ways that will be beneficial to his/her physical mobility. At times, there may be others in the GYM doing the same as you or working with their therapist. During these times, group interaction, socialization, and peer & caregiver/parent support will be an added benefit to your time at the GYM, and we hope it becomes a special place for therapy and more.

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